A review and discussion guide for System Error, required reading for technologists and citizens alike.

Jeremy Weinstein, Hilary Cohen, Mehran Sahami and Rob Reich of Stanford. Photo Credit: Christie Hemm Klok

The economic, health, and social costs of megafires are a national threat. It’s time for swift, decisive action.

This should not be normalized. [Source]

Obvious’ Kyle Taylor leads an admirable double life.

September 1st, 2021: Kyle returns from volunteer firefighting duties on the Lassen-Marinwood Fire.

The basics on how we got to now, why it matters for all Americans, and how we can fix it together.

A prescribed burn in the Arapahoe and Roosevelt National Forests in Colorado, February 2019

Upstream investment strategy remains the greatest lever for impact downstream.

It’s complicated.

An optimistic take on California’s future.

LNU Lightning Complex Fires, just getting started, as viewed from my afternoon run in Helen Putnam Regional Park in Petaluma, CA. Looks like a mushroom cloud, no?

Gabe Kleinman

father of daughters. portfolio services + marketing @obviousvc.

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