A dose of innovation in grant-making

It’s high time for human-centered design

Human-Centered Design is notably absent from grant-making
and grant-making organizations.

Norming Forces at Play

academic in nature, silo-ed operations, hidden assumptions, traditional management structures and grant-making procedures.

From Planning Grants to Human-Centered Design Grants

And yet asking grantees to ‘plan’ for a future primarily based in constraints of an existing system — without an emphasis on new input or priority on aspirational futures — inhibits innovation, almost by definition (note: this applies to grant-makers as much as grantees).

1. Seek Inspirational Input

2. Get Designing and Co-Create

3. Get Tangible and Get Real

4. Build a Roadmap that Builds on Early Successes

5. Spread the Word

The Future is Here

One More Tool in the Toolbox

father of daughters. portfolio services + marketing @obviousvc.

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